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Recognized as an All-America City and named by Forbes as one of the “Best Cities to Raise a Family,” Quincy, Illinois is where the North meets the South, the East meets the West, and the Heartland meets the Manufacturing Belt. This blend of midwestern cultures creates a unique region that appreciates hard work as well as the components that make life enjoyable, like education, the arts, and music.

Steamboats and railroads made Quincy a frequent destination for immigrants in the early days. Considerable investments into the national railroad system’s infrastructure made in Quincy solidified the city as a transportation hub for commerce and passengers. Early immigrants came mainly from New England seeking better land. Visitors called Quincy “The Gem City” in a day when flour and sawmills flourished. Immigrants found the fertile soil they sought as well as abundant game, timber, and trade. Although the things that make Quincy a gem are different today, it still vibrantly shines with all the things that make life beautiful.

Quincy is the largest city in an area of 100 miles in all directions and is the regional business, medical and cultural hub for a population of more than 300,000 residents.

Airport information

1645 IL-104, Quincy, IL 62305