Nashville, Tenn.


Jackson, Tennessee, halfway between Memphis and Nashville, is known as The Hub City of West Tennessee.  While that nickname is related to its history as a railroad hub between the North and South (as well as the East and West), it also speaks to contemporary Jackson and the city’s future.  Jackson is located in an area of Tennessee rich in history, culture, nature, and entertainment.  The city is the birthplace of rockabilly music and contributes strongly to the South’s Americana Music Triangle, a region where history made music, and music made history. While Jackson is home to many historical sites and museums, nature lovers will enjoy visiting parks throughout the region, including Chickasaw State Park, where guests can rent cabins, ride on bicycle-friendly roads, navigate Lake Placid by rowboat or pedal boat, and hike some of the highest terrain in West Tennessee. Once back in the city, visitors can enjoy family friendly activities in parks as well as the incredible food of Jackson, including its legendary pull-pit barbeque.
Airport information

McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport
308 Grady Montgomery Dr, Jackson, TN 38301.